Switchboard helps Financial Times accelerate CPH ad product

Switchboard says Financial Times has accelerated the release of FT’s CPH (Cost-per-Hour) ad product by six to nine months. FT customers benefited from 80 percent faster analytics for advertising campaign performance.
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FT has selected Switchboard to access more granular data, such as event-level viewability and sell-through intelligence to provide advertisers with a new level of insight in the form of increased audience attention.

FT’s IT department has worked with Switchboard’s Data Operations platform to unify data streams to deliver real-time business insights while keeping costs in check.

“We implemented Switchboard’s platform to eliminate the cost and uncertainty of building complex data automation,” Barry Cassidy, head of Advertising Operations at the Financial Times, said.

Result from FT’s Switchboard implementation

# FT tripled reporting frequency and increased granularity by 5X

# FT eliminated a four person-day overhead per forecast across all yield, planning, and ops teams

# FT did not add developer hours for this large-scale data automation and governance work

# FT’s beta for sell-through forecasting was completed in one week. The production setup for CPH was completed in three weeks

“By removing the overhead of complicated and expensive Data Operations, Switchboard is helping FT accelerate the growth of their marketing intelligence platform and delight customers with new and improving products like CPH,” Ju-kay Kwek, co-founder and CEO of Switchboard, said.

Switchboard optimizes yield and campaign performance for multiple ad products beyond CPH, while keeping overhead low. Financial Times plans to use the data set created by Switchboard’s Enterprise SaaS solution to accelerate development and ensure quality FT ad products.

Financial Times in 2016 passed a significant milestone in its digital transformation as digital and services revenues overtook print revenues for the first time. FT has a combined paid print and digital circulation of more than 910,000 and makes 60 percent of revenues from its journalism.

Founded in 2014, Switchboard’s software automatically extracts, scrubs and normalizes data, bringing usability to granular data. Switchboard’s content provider customers include Financial Times, Univision, and VICE Media.