Cathay Pacific reveals benefits after deploying Red Hat solutions

Airline major Cathay Pacific is using Red Hat solutions and services to transform its legacy infrastructure into a hybrid cloud architecture.
Kerry Peirse Cathay Pacific at Red Hat SummitCathay Pacific will be using Red Hat OpenStack Platform and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to create an efficient and scalable platform for developing and delivering new services.

Cathay Pacific’s legacy infrastructure and development process posed a challenge, making it difficult for the airline to maintain a high level of performance from its internal systems and customer-facing applications.

Cathay Pacific, using the IT architecture, increased throughput for application deployment by a factor of 10, from 20 to 200 changes a day, for both production and non-production environments. Red Hat claims that Cathay Pacific did not face end user downtime during these updates.

Cathay Pacific has also reduced infrastructure footprint in terms of hardware, maintenance, and operations cost after the deployment of the new cloud environment. Cathay Pacific has also lowered the total cost of ownership for its production environments due to improvement in efficiency and better resource utilization.

“Red Hat solutions have enabled us to deliver value to customers much faster, with improved performance and stability. The new architecture provides our IT teams more time to do what matters to us most – innovate and create more value for our customers,” Kerry Peirse, general manager, IT Infrastructure and Operations, Cathay Pacific Airways, said.