How Riverbed is assisting Travis Perkins to improve customer experience

Riverbed for CIOsTravis Perkins, a supplier of materials to the building, construction and home improvement markets in the UK, has deployed Riverbed SteelCentral Aternity to increase end-user visibility, improving customer service and enhancing productivity.

Riverbed said SteelCentral Aternity, an end-user experience monitoring solution, has reduced the average time it takes to resolve Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application issues, effectively removing problems that could affect in-store revenue.

Travis Perkins consists of 23 different businesses, operating from over 2,000 sites across the UK. The company employs over 28,000 people, and its customers range from individuals using its retail outlets such as Wickes, Tile Giant and Tool Station, through to independent builders and large contractors.

“Having 23 different businesses means we’ve got 23 individual sets of requirements, with a diverse range of pain points. Our role is to understand what is important to our colleagues and customers in each business, and ensure they have the technology they need to do business effectively,” said Phil Wood, head of Shared Services at Travis Perkins.

Riverbed said SteelCentral Aternity will ensure a consistent, high quality IT experience, from every day applications such as e-mail to specialist applications such as the Group’s new HR application to its employees.

Riverbed said SteelCentral Aternity will also improve the working of customer-facing systems, such as configuring a kitchen via the Wickes’ Vision app or using an in-store Point of Sale (PoS) unit.

“It’s important for us to gain visibility into, and monitor the performance of applications across our business – from a user experience perspective, rather than server and network performance,” said Matt Greaves, technology director at Travis Perkins.

Travis Perkins had a set of monitoring tools that overlapped in functionality resulting in a lack of consistency.

Travis Perkins has visibility into the end-user experience of critical business applications, through dashboards that give a real-time view of performance that enables IT to proactively identify and resolve end- user issues, to validate the impact of IT change on end-user experience.

SteelCentral Aternity allows IT teams to analyze end-user experience problems from various different angles.