Utilities to spend $100 billion on networking and communications

Utilities are projected to spend nearly $100 billion on networking and communications equipment and services over the next decade, a new report from Navigant Research said.
SmartMeter for power“Sophisticated IT and analytics programs can leverage the data made available by connected devices to improve grid reliability, safety, resilience, and operational efficiency—all of which augment the utility’s return on the networking investment,” says Richelle Elberg, principal research analyst with Navigant Research.

Globally, $7.9 billion is forecast for investments in smart grid communications equipment and services in 2018, with $6.8 billion attributable to utility Capex in networking equipment.

Services, which include leased lines, cellular service, tower leasing, satellite services, and low power wide area (LPWA) solutions, are anticipated to account for more than $1 billion, according to the report.