Toshiba presents new HDD for surveillance applications

Toshiba 10TB Surveillance Hard Drive
Toshiba America Electronic Components has launched 3.5-inch hard disk drives (HDD) for surveillance applications.

The company is supplying new models in capacities up to 10TB with a higher transfer rate compared to previous MD04ABA-V models, helping to enable support for up to 64 camera streams.

Toshiba said that the MD06ACA-V Series is designed for 24/7 streaming operation scenarios, and is used for surveillance digital video recorders (SDVR), surveillance network video recorders (SNVR) and Hybrid SDVR.

The MD06ACA-V Series features 7,200 rpm access performance, and the new 10TB model delivers a 58 percent increase in maximum sustained transfer rate when compared to Toshiba’s prior MD04ABA-V series, pushing it to 237MiB/s3.

The new models — available in 6TB, 8TB and 10TB capacities — provide a SATA 6Gbit/s interface, with 256MiB dynamic buffer. The MD06ACA-V models support Advanced Format (512e) technology for compatibility with legacy applications and operating environments.

“Our third generation surveillance HDD line-up provides the capacity, performance and reliability needed for today’s higher resolution surveillance video streams and longer content retention requirements,” said Scott Wright, director of HDD Product Marketing at Toshiba America Electronic Components.

MD06ACA-V Series air-based HDD meet performance requirements with an improved magnetic recording head and disk magnetic layer. They all deliver 7,200 rpm, 256MiB buffer memory, and the 10TB model’s data transfer rate of 237 MiB/s is a 58 percent increase over products in the previous MD04ABA-V Series.

The drives offer 24/7 operation, incorporate rotational vibration (RV) sensors, and can support up to 64 high definition cameras. With a rated annual workload of 180TB transferred, MTTF of 1,000,000 hours, and a wide case temperature range of 0 to 70 degrees, they are suited to use in surveillance applications.