Orange Business selected by CERT NZ to handle cyber security issues

Orange Business Services announced its deal with CERT NZ, a cyber-security unit in the New Zealand government that supports businesses, organizations and individuals affected by cyber-security incidents.

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Orange Business for enterprise technology
The cost of cyber-crime to businesses over the next five years is expected to be $8 trillion, according to the World Economic Forum.

CERT NZ received over 750 cyber-security incident reports affecting New Zealanders during the first six months of operation from April 2017. These incidents resulted in almost NZ$2 million of financial loss.

CERT NZ selected Orange Cyber-defense which has more than 1,200 security experts, to collaborate in the sharing of threat intelligence.

CERT NZ can aggregate and analyse threat and vulnerability data from Orange with other complementary feeds. In turn, CERT NZ will advise Orange of threats and vulnerabilities that they encounter in the cyber security landscape so Orange can integrate these into its threat intelligence feeds and analysis tools.

“A priority of Orange has always been to help businesses manage cyber risks pro-actively,” said Kevin Griffen, managing director, Australasia, Orange Business Services.