Top PC brands in India in 2017

Research agency IDC has revealed the top PC brands in India in 2017 based on the number of units shipped.

HP Inc. has 29.9 percent share in the Indian PC market.

Dell has 22.4 percent share in PC market in India.

Lenovo has 20.2 percent share of the Indian PC market.

Acer’s PC market share in India was 12.2 percent. Apple is the fourth largest PC company with 3.6 percent share.

The India PC shipments rose 11.4 percent to 9.56 million units in 2017 — primarily driven by the increase in the quantum of large projects and surge in shipments post the introduction of GST reforms. PC market India suppliers

The following chart from IDC indicates the Indian PC market based on product category.

PC market India in 2017