Dell retains Cloud IT infrastructure share as HPE, Cisco lost in Q3 2017

Cloud IT Infrastructure market share Q3 2017
Revenue from cloud IT infrastructure product sales increased 25.5 percent to $11.3 billion in Q3 2017, according to IDC.

Revenue of Dell in the global Cloud IT infrastructure market rose 25.9 percent to $1.557 billion.

HPE’s Cloud IT infrastructure revenue increased 6.9 percent to $1.388 billion. Cisco achieved 1.6 percent growth in Cloud IT infrastructure revenue to $958 million. Cloud IT infrastructure revenue of Huawei grew 39.5 percent to $419 million.

Inspur clocked 70.7 percent revenue growth in Cloud IT infrastructure market to $344 million. NetApp achieved 28 percent growth in Cloud IT infrastructure segment to $307 million in Q3.

Dell has retained the Cloud IT infrastructure market share lead in Q3 2017 — ahead of HPE, Cisco and Huawei.

The global Cloud IT infrastructure market share of Dell increased to 13.8 percent in Q3 2017 from 13.7 percent in Q3 2016.

HPE lost its Cloud IT infrastructure market share to 12.3 percent from 14.4 percent. Cisco also lost its Cloud IT infrastructure market share to 8.5 percent from 10.5 percent.

Huawei increased its Cloud IT infrastructure market share to 3.7 percent from 3.3 percent.

IDC tracks vendor revenue from sales of infrastructure products such as server, storage and Ethernet switch for cloud IT, including public and private cloud.

Public cloud infrastructure revenue rose 32.3 percent to $7.7 billion – representing 30.2 percent of total IT infrastructure spending, up from 26.3 percent one year ago.

Private cloud revenue grew 13.1 percent to $3.6 billion.

Growth in cloud IT infrastructure product

5 percent in Latin America
50.1 percent in Asia Pacific excluding Japan
35.3 percent in Central and Eastern Europe
22.5 percent in Canada
24.6 percent in Western Europe
18.7 percent in the U.S.
17.5 percent in Japan
15.8 percent in Middle East & Africa

Traditional (non-cloud) IT infrastructure revenue grew 8 percent to $14.2 billion, representing 55.6 percent of total IT infrastructure spending.

Public cloud represented 68 percent of the total cloud IT infrastructure revenue.

Storage Platforms revenue rose 45.1 percent, making up 42.0 percent of the revenue in public cloud.

Compute Platforms revenues rose 24.8 percent. Ethernet Switch public cloud IT infrastructure revenue grew 23.2 percent.

Compute Platforms represented 43.9 percent of public cloud IT infrastructure revenue. Private cloud infrastructure revenue was driven by the Storage Platforms growth of 16.1 percent year over year.

Kuba Stolarski, research director for Computing Platforms at IDC, said: Amazon and Google are driving the lion’s share of the growth in public cloud IT infrastructure growth.”

IDC is seeing strong growth in the lower tiers of public cloud and continued growth in private cloud on a worldwide scale. Intel and AMD platforms should aid in refresh and infrastructure expansion throughout the cloud IT infrastructure segment.

Baburajan K