e-Mavericks to nurture e-commerce in India

Dell, in association with CIO Association of India (CAI), has launched an initiative to nurture the e-commerce ecosystem in India.

According to CAI, being a CIO in the e-commerce sector is certainly a challenging task with the core functions and customer satisfaction in the sector highly dependent on the effective functioning of IT infrastructure.

The initiative, e-Mavericks, aims to provide an opportunity for e-commerce companies to meet and discuss business and technology related challenges and opportunity.

With over 125 million online buyers expected by the end of 2019, e-commerce in India is growing rapidly. The $600 billion retail industry in India is waiting to be explored. New firms are being developed.

ASSOCHAM, a prominent industry association in India, and PwC recently said the e-commerce industry is likely to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 35 per cent and cross the $100-billion mark in value over the next five years.

The research also highlights the need for e-commerce companies to implement robust IT infrastructure in their respective organizations.

eCommerce India

e-Mavericks, according to Ravindra Krishnappa, CEO of Collatebox, brings in scale thinking on technology for entrepreneurs. It also calls upon the need to address ecommerce related business issues as well as discuss opportunities in different technologies such as OpenStack, supply chain optimization, etc.

Dell  delivers IT solutions to e-commerce companies including Flipkart, MakeMyTrip,  eBay and Shutterfly.

Since e-commerce is built on Internet, IT infrastructure is important for e-commerce as they have to build their IT solutions to face the growing trends of social, mobility, cloud and analytics which will have a significant impact on the workload demands of organizations.

Amarinder Singh, chief involvement officer – CIO Association of India, said, “eMavericks is a first-of-its kind platform for ecommerce players to engage in technology related discussions related to the sector, the fruitfulness of which will be instrumental to their success in the industry at large.”

Rajani Baburajan