Ryanair shifts to AWS, moving from Microsoft SQL Server

Ryanair plans to shut down majority of its datacenters over the next three years and will be moving its infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS) – impacting its SQL server deal with Microsoft.
AWS event for CIOsEurope’s top airline currently runs several core production workloads such as Ryanair Rooms and Ryanair.com on AWS. It is also building a data lake on Amazon S3, leveraging Amazon Kinesis to gain insights from customer and business data.

Ryanair, as part of its Cloud strategy, will be transforming legacy systems into cloud-based, innovative customer travel services by standardizing on AWS services, including AWS databases, analytics, machine learning, and deep learning services.

AWS did not reveal the name of technology companies which have earlier supplied legacy systems to Ryanair.

AWS enabled Ryanair to innovate, optimize costs, deploy globally, and become a more agile organization in the cloud.

Ryanair rebuilt Ryanair Rooms on AWS and its customers can now easily compare millions of hotel deals and accommodations without interruption or delays.

Ryanair is working with the AWS ML Solutions Lab to create an application that enables the company to automatically detect surges in demand for flight segments and anticipate schedule changes.

Ryanair, by migrating from Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon Aurora, can send 22 million emails daily to customers about travel bookings or sales events with higher performance at a fraction of the cost.

“We’ve chosen to work with the world’s leading cloud to develop and deliver services that will transform our customers’ travel experiences,” said John Hurley, chief technology officer at Ryanair.

Ryanair is trialling Amazon Lex to enhance customer support experience, by intelligently routing customer support requests to the right type of assistance.

Ryanair supports Amazon Alexa, and created the MyRyanair skill for Amazon Alexa to handle account booking, flight inquiries, and frequently asked questions.

“Because we have the most comprehensive set of cloud services, including our machine learning and deep learning services, Ryanair will be able to employ those services to drive greater customer and employee satisfaction,” Mike Clayville, vice president, Worldwide Commercial Sales at AWS, said.

AWS deal with Oath

Earlier Oath, a subsidiary of telecom operator Verizon, selected AWS as its preferred public cloud provider.

Oath will expand its use of AWS by continuing to migrate legacy workloads and building new cloud-based applications across its portfolio of dozens of media and technology brands, including Yahoo.com, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Sports.

AWS’s global infrastructure has enabled Oath to increase its availability, reduce latency, and support the expansion of its international operations.

AWS is already home to Oath’s marquee web properties, including AOL.com, HuffPost, and Tumblr. Oath also runs key segments of its programmatic advertising businesses on AWS.

Atte Lahtiranta, chief technology officer of Oath, said: “As we’ve deepened our use of AWS, we’ve been able to extend our global reach by leveraging AWS’s infrastructure and compute resources everywhere we need them.”