Etsy selects Google Cloud for seamless shopping experience

google-cloud-platformEtsy, a global marketplace for creative goods, has selected Google Cloud as its public cloud provider.

Brooklyn, New York- headquartered Etsy aims to utilize technologies like machine learning to personalize the user experience on Etsy e-commerce platform. Etsy’s transition to the Google Cloud Platform is expected to be complete within the next two years.

Google Cloud Platform, which promises shared engineering culture, superior infrastructure, and sophistication in areas such as machine learning and big data, will power Etsy’s services, connecting people around the world to buy and sell products.

“Moving to Google Cloud Platform is a transformational change for Etsy. It positions us well for growth by allowing us to focus on strategic initiatives, enhance site performance, and improve engineering efficiency,” said Mike Fisher, Etsy’s Chief Technology Officer.

The migration to Google Cloud comes as Etsy sharpens its focus on growing the core marketplace, prioritizing the buyer and seller experience and increasing the pace of launching new features. Etsy expects that the transition to the cloud will support its execution of its business strategy and will give users an overall better experience worldwide.

“Our engineering teams are collaborating to not just transition Etsy’s infrastructure to Google Cloud, but help them take advantage of the world-class machine learning and analytics our open, secure platform offers,” said Paul-Henri Ferrand, president, Global Customer Operations, Google Cloud.

Etsy expects the transition to Google Cloud platform will result in increased engineering efficiency, by shifting focus from the maintenance of on-premise systems to product engineering work that is strategic, creating a more seamless shopping experience for buyers and sellers.