Bajaj Electricals CIO on digital transformation and Riverbed association

Bajaj Electricals CIO Pratap Gharge has revealed how the company is using the Riverbed Digital Performance Platform to power digital transformation.

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Bajaj Electricals CIO Pratap Gharge
Bajaj Electricals, an Indian consumer electrical equipment manufacturing company, aims to enhance engagement and transparency with its customers and distributors. Reduction in branch office and retail outlet connectivity issues as well as end-user application performance complaints are some of the focus areas.

Bajaj Electricals has accelerated application performance substantially and improved end-user experience by using the Riverbed platform.

IT decision makers at Bajaj Electricals can now better assess the impact of future IT change on performance, including a major shift to the cloud.

Bajaj Electricals operates 19 offices across the country and manages a chain of thousands of distributors and authorized dealers, over 400,000 retail outlets and more than 450 customer care centers.

Bajaj Electricals, as part of digital transformation journey, started automating key business processes, adopting new digital technologies and moving more and more apps to the cloud to enhance business efficiency.

“Our existing infrastructure couldn’t support all this change, and the performance of several of our business-critical apps began to suffer – user complaints skyrocketed. Due to lack of visibility into our IT environment, we couldn’t resolve issues quickly, which prolonged downtime, threatening our bottom line,” said Pratap Gharge, CIO of Bajaj Electricals, said.

Bajaj Electricals has deployed Riverbed SteelCentral AppResponse that gives the company visibility into application performance issues, end-user experience monitoring, and network intelligence.

The speed of Bajaj Electricals’ IT team to respond to end-use application issues has increased dramatically, eliminating downtime and accelerating the performance of business-critical apps by up to 70 percent in some examples.

Bajaj Electricals used Riverbed SteelHead, the industry’s #1 WAN optimization solution, and accelerated the delivery of Microsoft Office 365 by 33x, addressing significant performance issues.

Image source: Oracle