Wipro to maintain last year’s hiring, TCS to increase

Wipro CEO TK Kurien said the IT services company will maintain last year’s hiring growth. On the other hand, its rival TCS said it...
Wipro CEO TK Kurien

Wipro CEO TK Kurien on future growth areas

Wipro CEO TK Kurien last week shared the company’s growth areas for 2014.Wipro, the Bangalore-based IT services provider, posted a sequential revenue growth of...

Infosys sees mixed IT spending trends

Infosys, the Indian software services company, shared details of how some of the industry verticals and regions will be performing in 2014.Infosys third quarter...

Data center technology trends and strategies

New era of computing revolves around cloud, social media and mobile computing. The explosive growth of data generated by these trends has increased the...

Enterprise tablet market gains momentum

Indian enterprise tablet market is gaining momentum.Enterprises consumed around 20 percent of total tablet PC shipments during July-September 2013, said a CMR report on...

BlackBerry takes on Samsung, Apple to push secured BBM messaging for enterprises

Smartphone vendor BlackBerry says its mobile messaging platform BBM is one of the most secured solutions for enterprises. Though the growing popularity of BBM...
internet of things

Internet of Things brings new opportunities in cloud, big data, mobility and networking

Internet of Things (IoT), as the name suggests, has extended the use of Internet from IT systems to almost every “thing” that a human...
Microsoft Windows Phone 8 vs Apple iOS 7

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 enterprise smartphones to gain as Apple iOS 7 slips

Enterprise smartphones on the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system (OS) platform are likely to see more demand than Apple iOS 7.According to ABI...
Cloud Computing

Leveraging the cloud to improve agility and drive innovation

Cloud offers a platform to bring enterprise agility, optimize cost and fuel innovation. To leverage the benefits of cloud, enterprises should establish a best...

BYOD not an option, but a necessity for enterprises

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is the new wave sweeping enterprises across all segments. It has opened better opportunities for enterprises embracing mobility to...



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