Tropic Supermarkets deploy NCR solutions

NCR Retail

Tropic Supermarkets deployed NCR solutions to improve store operations across its network in Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia.

Tropic Supermarkets is one of the few domestic food retailers in Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia. The retailer installed NCR’s Power HQ, Power DAX, and Advanced Retail Solution combined with M.A.I. Trade, NCR’s partner in the region.

NCR expects its new solutions  to help Tropic Supermarkets to better manage its product portfolio and pricing, as well as optimize forecasting and inventory replenishment.

Bojan Risovic, CEO and owner of Tropic Group said NCR’s experience and the broad portfolio of solutions tailored to food retailing helped to choose NCR.

Initially, Tropic will roll out Advance Retail Solution as their point-of-sale system and implement Power HQ and Power DAX to consolidate business information across the entire supermarket chain into a single, centralized repository.

NCR Power HQ will help Tropic simplify item assortment planning across their locations, and define pricing strategies to increase revenues while preventing margin erosion.

With Power DAX, Tropic will use demand-driven forecasting and replenishment to optimize its inventory levels to match consumer demand.

NCR said, in similar implementations, Power DAX was able to increase the availability of products by 60 to 90 percent and reduce the spoilage of food by up to 50 percent.

In a second phase, Tropic will implement Power HQ Category Analyzer, an analytical solution that assesses the financial impact of every item and every category in each store over time.

Arya MM

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