StorNext powers Quantum to achieve 30-60% productivity increase

Infotech Lead America: StorNext software has powered Quantum to achieve 30-60 percent increase in productivity.

Framestore, a visual effects and computer animation studio, has selected Quantum’s StorNext File System and StorNext Storage Manager for its workflow and digital content archive.

StorNext software will facilitate collaboration on Framestone’s entire workspace of 130 TB of content and help migration of assets across the entire workflow from edit to archive, resulting in a 30-60 percent increase in productivity.

Framestore uses edit and finish tools including Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and Autodesk Flame, Smoke and Smoke on Mac.

StorNext provides shared access to its entire workflow tool set across a variety of platforms, including Linux, Mac OS X and Windows OS. Additionally, because StorNext enables collaborative work to occur without moving large files from one workstation to another, there is less strain on the network and less time used in getting data where it needs to be.

StorNext Storage Manager and Quantum’s Scalar i500 tape library provides Framestore robust asset protection throughout the workflow process. It also helps Framestore address management challenges and costs of handling growing amounts of content.

Eliminating the need for a manual process for managing archives, StorNext Storage Manager automatically moves terabytes of content through primary to near-line storage and also highly cost-effective tape. This enables Framestore to free up resources, improve content management efficiency up to 60 percent and better time management to ensure project delivery on schedule.

Framestore plans to make use of StorNext Storage Manager in future to replicate assets automatically between its U.K. and New York facilities.

Replication will enable seamless sharing of workloads between both the facilities of the company, strengthening the company’s disaster recovery capability and providing employees with familiar equipment and processes as they move between offices.

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