Russian insurance major to use QlikView Business Discovery platform

Infotech Lead India: AlfaStrakhovanie Group, an insurance company in Russia, has decided to expand its agreement with Business Intelligence (BI) solutions provider QlikTech.

As part of its expansion, the insurance major will use the QlikView Business Discovery platform and will standardize on the platform for all BI users worldwide.

To improve the efficiency of its analytical processes and provide insurance agents with a self-service BI solution, AlfaStrakhovanie has enlisted ATK Consulting Group, an elite partner of QlikTech, for implementing more than 1,000 QlikView licenses.

AlfaStrakhovanie Group will benefit from the agreement as QlikView’s BI system will decrease the time and resource allocated to the collection and creation of analytical data and to support the company’s growth by providing individual divisions with real-time information.

Initially, the main users of QlikView were in the operational department; however, as the functional capabilities were extending and the confidence in the information provided by QlikView was growing, it started to be used by new employees, including heads of branches and regional centers.

Today AlfaStrakhovanie Group’s QlikView user base spans the entire organization.  From the actuarial department, who were involved in the project design; to the operations department, who had provided the business units with reports before QlikView was implemented; to the sales and underwriting departments.

“When we began using QlikView we realized  that its capabilities not only fulfill the basic functions to build reports, but also provide the flexibility to perform a wide range of new tasks – and by the users themselves,” said Andrey Pedorenko, CIO at AlfaStrakhovanie Group.

The scope of its QlikView deployment has expanded to a number of areas from the insurance business and the financial unit to the control of data quality.  This year, the insurance major decided to significantly increase the number of QlikView users and offer it to sales representatives to analyze and evaluate their own work.

“From the very beginning of this project, AlfaStrakhovanie Group’s approach to the development of BI in the company has been very strategic,” said Andrey Krasnopolsky, general manager, Consulting Group ATK.

“AlfaStrakhovanie Group is one of many recent customers that prove the value of QlikView as an enterprise solution.  This is especially impactful from a company like AlfaStrakhovanie, which serves millions of customers and hundreds of thousands companies,” said Alexey Artemenko, regional director at QlikTech in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

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