RMG Labor Productivity Solution offers 20% increase in productivity

RMG Networks Holding has introduced its new Labor Productivity Improvement solution for supply chain warehouses and distribution centers — offering improvement in supply chain efficiency by up to 20 percent.

RMG’s Labor Productivity Improvement tool provides real-time, highly visible metrics and data. The supply chain management is challenged to increase their facilities profitability by either increasing output without adding costs or maintaining output while utilizing less labor costs and the new tool helps in meeting these needs.

These data enable employees to see how they are performing against goals, when they can adjust their behavior / production and maximize productivity / profitability.

Company officials said supply chain operators can transmit real-time metrics vie Scoreboards with RMG’s Labor Productivity tool.

The metrics can be pushed to large displays and desktops to employees on the manufacturing or warehouse floor.

Company officials said the management can monitor activity from any location or through preset threshold alert notifications as the data can also be pushed to mobile devices.

The Labor Productivity Improvement solution is targeted to the more than 500,000 distribution centers in the United States, as well as global supply chain operations.

“A supplier to a big three automaker, for example, saw a productivity gain of approximately 20 percent in units produced per day, thanks to a reduction in slash defects, re-work and scrap from real-time visibility of performance metrics,” said Robert Michelson, chief executive officer and president of RMG Networks.

In January, RMG Networks introduced an additional application as part of its Visual Supply Chain offering for Line Production Improvement.

The solution allows manufacturers to visualize and react to critical data and optimize performance by improving the flow of information through the production line.

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