Oracle Unveils Oracle Social Relationship Management Suite in India

Infotech Lead India: Oracle unveiled its Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) Suite in India.

Oracle Social Relationship Management Suite builds on Oracle’s strategy to pull together all social enterprise elements including enterprise social network, social marketing, social selling, social customer service, social HR, and recruiting, into one complete and integrated system with the goal of better stakeholder engagement.

The service enables companies to listen, engage, create, market, and analyze interactions across multiple social platforms in real-time, providing a holistic view of the consumer.

“By fundamentally changing the way organizations connect with their different stakeholders, social is changing the rules of business. With the Oracle Social Relationship Management Suite we are empowering our customers to embrace this change by integrating the tools required to listen, engage, create, market and analyze social interactions into existing applications and services,” said Michel van Woudenberg, vice president, CRM, Oracle Asia Pacific.

Oracle’s SRM solutions simplify the deployment of social business applications through cloud delivery, mobile access, and integration with key business applications.

Oracle Social Relationship Management Suite is integrated with Oracle’s enterprise applications, including Oracle Fusion Marketing, Oracle Fusion Sales Catalog, Oracle ATG Web Commerce, and Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), allowing organizations to use social to transform their corporate business processes and systems.

Oracle Social Relationship Management Suite includes Oracle Social Network (OSN), a secure collaboration platform; Oracle Social Marketing; Oracle Social Engagement & Monitoring Cloud Service; Oracle Social Sites; and Oracle Data and Insights.

Recently Oracle also unveiled Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall  designed to protect Oracle and non-Oracle databases, by monitoring network traffic and analyzing audit data.

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