Microsoft Open Technologies opens subsidiary in China

Microsoft Open Technologies has opened its subsidiary in China.

As part of its expansion in China, MS Open Tech Shanghai will have engineers, standards professionals and technical evangelists with expertise in open source and open standards.

The Chinese subsidiary, which was announced on 17 January, will focus on facilitating interactions between Microsoft development processes and the company’s open innovation efforts on services and devices by advancing the investments in interoperability, open standards and open source.

Gartner Research report recently said that there is growing interest in China in the evolution of cloud technologies, open-source software, shared services, data center technologies such as the software-defined network, smart cities and green IT/sustainability.

Microsoft Open Technologies opens subsidiary in China

(In the pix) Jean Paoli, president of MS Open Tech, said, “Our new subsidiary will offer more flexibility to iterate and release open source software created in China, participate in existing open source and open standards efforts, and collaborate with the community of open source developers in China.” 

China is a strategic market for Microsoft. Over the past few years, Microsoft has expanded the scope of R&D in China to not only help build global products but also help address the needs of China customers, partners and government.

MS Open Tech will play a pivotal role by driving investments in interoperability and standards in Microsoft products, contributing to the open source community, and enabling open source software on Microsoft platforms, such as Windows Azure.

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