McLaren Group will integrate businesses using SAP solutions

Infotech Lead India: As part of strengthening its relationship, the McLaren Group will integrate its businesses using SAP’s solutions.

SAP is planning provide efficiency and maximum performance across the entire IT infrastructure of McLaren.

As part of the agreement, SAP HANA will improve the speed of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ telemetry technology, enabling the team to analyze data and resolve complex issues faster. SAP’s Rapid Deployment Solutions and mobile apps will empower McLaren business owners with the real-time information.

“On every lap of every race, practice or test session, our F1 cars generate vast quantities of performance data,” said Ron Dennis, executive chairman, McLaren Group. ”SAP HANA will combine real-time data feeds from the cars, with historic data and race scenarios, allowing engineers immediate correlation with past and present data, which they cannot do today. This will enable our F1 Drivers outperform in the race.”

The comprehensive SAP portfolio of solutions, will deliver the McLaren Group with increased intelligence and accelerated productivity across the entire conglomerate at reduced total cost of ownership.

“Transforming information into intelligence in real time is a cornerstone for McLaren’s winning formula – and increasingly critical for the future of every company,” said Suprakash Chaudhuri, acting managing director, SAP India. “With SAP, McLaren team will be able better anticipate, accelerate and differentiate its business – keeping them very much in the driver’s seat.”

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