Dell Software brings Dell Boomi AtomSphere integration platform as a service

Enterprise IT vendor Dell Software has launched Dell Boomi AtomSphere integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

Dell also announced that the usage of Dell Boomi AtomSphere iPaaS has grown by 13x year over year, from 35 million integrations last year to 450 million integrations today.

The 2014 Spring version of Dell Boomi AtomSphere features an adaptive approach to application integration designed to accelerate customer time to value.

John Zur of Brady Corporation said: “Queuing is essential functionality for our broad spectrum of simple-to-complex integration scenarios. The Dell Boomi team listened to our requirements for queuing and has delivered. This new feature provides substantial productivity and time to value benefits as I don’t have to invest in separate tools to take advantage of message queuing.”

Boomi Resolve

Leveraging AtomSphere’s single-instance, multi-tenant architecture, the integration platform now offers key capabilities that evolve over time as customers evolve, Dell said.

Dell iPaaS also includes new capabilities including a SOA Dashboard, message queuing and JSON and XML conversion to reduce the complexity and increase productivity for customers building modern enterprise integrations.

Chris McNabb, general manager of Dell Boomi, said: “Our single-instance, multi-tenant architecture offers us a unique ability to aggregate customer usage information. This has allowed us to create innovations such as Boomi Resolve and Predictive Assistance, which ensure our customers can reduce time to value and optimize their return on investment by utilizing our integration platform to its fullest potential.”

Dell today shared the success of Boomi.

The company said the platform has achieved growth of 13x year-over-year from 35 million integration processes per month last year to 450 million integration processes today.

As many as 2000 global multi-national and mid-sized enterprise customers use Dell Boomi AtomSphere.

Nearly 7,000 Atoms have been deployed in production.

Number of mappings indexed is over 9 million, compared to 4 million last year.

Dell Boomi AtomSphere customer renewal rate has risen to 94 percent, well above the industry average of 90 percent, and points to the success of Predictive Assistance.

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