CA Technologies enhances CA Nimsoft Monitor with advanced network flow analysis

Infotech Lead America: CA Technologies has enhanced CA Nimsoft Monitor with advanced network flow analysis.

Nimsoft Monitor

The enhancement enables customers to visualize their IP traffic in ways that can assist them in optimizing application service levels.

CA Technologies claims that Nimsoft Monitor 6 helps IT teams understand network conversations and patterns among critical applications and servers. Moreover, they can prioritize traffic based on cost and business impact to increase efficiency, more proactively predict potential problems, and optimize the end-to-end customer experience.

“In order to ensure the excellence of our enGARDE Managed Service offerings, MSN Communications has to keep a close eye on the behavior of our customer’s applications across the network,” said Dusten Tornow, managed services practice manager at MSN Communications.

“The new capabilities of CA Nimsoft Monitor enable us to do this by providing rich application level visibility into real-time network performance and utilization,” Tornow added.

“With the enhancements to CA Nimsoft Monitor, we have a simple and powerful way to identify a problem, check the history of the problem, and perform trend analysis,” said Scott Stuessi, systems engineer, Atrion Networking Corporation. “The workflow changes provide tangible benefits for our support center, which in turn benefits our most important asset—our clients.”

CA claims that Nimsoft Monitor features flexible pricing and deployment models that can easily be aligned to a customer’s business need.

“Since not all traffic is equally important, it is critical for customers to diligently track and analyze their traffic flows,” said Mike Sargent, general manager, Enterprise Management, CA Technologies.

“The addition of network flow analysis to CA Nimsoft Monitor enables customers to aggregate this vital flow data, making it easy for them to quickly and more accurately identify issues and make more informed bandwidth allocation decisions.”

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