Websense reports nearly 600% increase in malicious websites globally

Infotech Lead America:  Research findings released by Websense Security Labs, the worldwide research team from Websense, report explosive year-over-year growth in global cyberattack trends.The Websense 2013 Threat Report findings revealed that each week, organizations faced an average of 1,719 attacks for every 1,000 users. Malicious websites increased by nearly 600 percent worldwide.

North American malicious sites increased by 720 percent and EMEA saw a 531 percent increase. Of those malicious sites, legitimate web hosts were home to 85 percent.

Half of web-connected malware downloaded additional executables in the first 60 seconds. Only 7.7 percent of malware interacted with the system registry. Thirty-two percent of malicious links in social media used shortened URLs.

The United States of America, Russia and Germany were the top three countries hosting malware. The Bahamas debuted into the list of top five countries hosting phishing sites, while China ranked second. The top three countries hosting command and control servers were China, The United States of America and Russia.

Only one in five emails was legitimate. Email spam increased to 76 percent. Worldwide spam volumes reached more than a quarter of a million emails per hour. One in 10 malicious mobile applications asked for permission to install other apps, something rarely required by legitimate apps.

Multistage attacks with multiple vectors have challenged security capabilities, as they worked to find weak spots and circumvent defenses. When independent solutions are in place, it is difficult to ascertain that email, web, mobile, social and data loss defenses are individually prepared to perform their role to cohesively address an emerging threat.

Real-time security defenses and shared intelligence are the main components of  the award-winning Websense TRITON architecture. TRITON unifies all the key components of threat protection and data theft prevention into a cohesive content security system by bringing together web security, email security, mobile security and data loss prevention (DLP) defenses with unified security intelligence and a unified management console.

Websense was found to be one of the web security providers that ranked in the Infonetics’ Worldwide Web Security SaaS Provider Scorecard .

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