Unisys shares its security-related milestones


Unisys Corporation has shared its latest series of security-related milestones, including a major win in border protection.

The company received a contract from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, part of the Department of Homeland Security, to modernize the agency’s technology for identifying people and vehicles entering and exiting the U.S.

The Integrated Traveler Initiatives contract was awarded as a task order under the Department of Homeland Security’s EAGLE II contract.

Further to its credits, the US-based company launched Unisys Digital Investigator, a crime investigation system, which will enable law enforcement agencies to share critical crime investigation information across applications and agency boundaries.

Unisys is slated to demo Digital Investigator this week at the annual International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in San Diego.

This offering is part of the company’s “Safe Cities” initiative for increasing law enforcement agencies’ access to real-time data that can help prevent and combat crime.

For the financial service institutions, Unisys launched a new Appointment Manager solution, which can be integrated with Unisys Stealth micro-segmentation security software.

It is available via the Microsoft Azure public cloud platform and desiged to manage a customer’s appointment from initial contact to automated reminders and through to completion of the appointment.

The cyber security service provider’s revenues for the second quarter 2016 were $748.9 million, which is down 2 percent year-on-year.