Trend Micro offers Internet security to help home users connect and work online

Infotech Lead America: Trend Micro, as part of its strategies to offer Internet security to help home users connect and work online, has launched Trend Micro Longevity for Android and Trend Micro Backup and Restore.

These new Internet security solutions leverage Trend Micro’s cloud infrastructure.

Longevity uses Trend Micro’s Mobile App Reputation database to identify apps that have a large impact on battery life.

Mobile Backup and Restore uses Trend Micro’s proficiency in cloud security, sync and storage to help users restore all of their data on a new device in the case of theft or loss. Both apps are available in the Google Play Store and on the Trend Micro website.

Trend Micro is looking at innovative ways to take complex jobs and make them easy for consumers with a differentiated approach.

“As a company, we have invested years into creating the infrastructure needed to protect people and their ‘stuff’ on any device they use. Given the strength of our cloud infrastructure, expertise in security and the strength of our consumer products, our expectation is that Trend Micro’s consumer division will continue to grow at a healthy pace,” said Carol Carpenter, general manager and senior vice president at Trend Micro.

Recently, Trend Micro expanded the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, the cloud-based security infrastructure. The new version of Smart Protection Network incorporates advanced big data analytic capabilities that enable Trend Micro to identify new security threats.

The Smart Protection Network now includes newly added technologies, including mobile app reputation (for mobile threats), vulnerability rules (for vulnerability and exploits), network inspection rules (for network communications), and in-the-cloud whitelisting (for minimizing false positives).

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