Symantec strengthens Advanced Threat Protection Solution

IT security vendor Symantec today announced two new offerings, Symantec Managed Security Services – Advanced Threat Protection and Symantec Advanced Threat Protection Solution.

Brian Dye, senior vice president of Symantec Information Security, said: “Network security alone isn’t going to solve the problem. Adversaries are targeting all control points from the gateway to email to the endpoint. Organizations need security across these control points working together, with incident response capabilities and global information intelligence.”

Symantec Managed Security Services – Advanced Threat Protection (MSS-ATP) reduces the time it takes to detect, prioritize and respond to security incidents by producing integration between its endpoint security and third-party network security vendors’ products. By prioritizing real threats, IT organizations can reduce false positives and operating costs and ensure that they are protecting against the most significant vulnerabilities.

Symantec’s Advanced Threat Protection Alliance is an ecosystem of network security partners that currently includes Check Point Software Technologies, Palo Alto Networks and Sourcefire (now part of Cisco).

Within the next six months, Symantec will introduce two key services.

Symantec said Incident Response service provides access to critical capabilities, knowledge and skill sets during incident response scenarios.

Its new Intelligence service provides threat visibility and analytics that create insights into risks to key cyber assets through portal, data feed and service-based intelligence offering, as well as Managed Adversary information that delivers reports on threat actors for visibility into the types of attacks that may target an organization.

Symantec will bring a new Advanced Threat Protection Solution, which is scheduled to be in beta testing within six months and generally available within the next 12 months. This solution will deliver integrated advanced threat protection across the endpoint, email and gateway to provide customers with critical detection and response capabilities at each respective control point.

Symantec’s Dynamic Malware Analysis Service can be used to quickly maximize threat identification; and Synapse, which enables smooth communication between the endpoint, email and gateway to facilitate improved response.

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