Microchip implements Intel EPID to enhance security

Microchip Technology has collaborated with Intel to implement Intel Enhanced Privacy ID (Intel EPID) technology into its products.

Intel EPID is an approach to device authentication which provides both security and privacy to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The company said Intel EPID provides authentication using which service provider can verify that an end user belongs to a group authorized to access the service.

This apart, Intel EPID also protects end-user privacy and can receive service without revealing their identity.

Microchip provides cost-effective, low-power solutions to the designers and manufacturers of electronic devices.

Intel image

Company officials said Microchip can deploy microcontroller, mixed-signal and analog semiconductors across the Internet with privacy and security for both the end user and service provider.

Additionally, Microchip’s customers can maintain end-to-end security and privacy in their IoT products and services with the help of EPID technology.

Few days ago, Intel announced Intel India Maker Lab, an innovation initiative, in its Bengaluru campus – targeting start-ups and innovators across the country.

Last month, HP formed partnership with Intel to launch a new Center of Excellence (CoE) aimed to advance innovation in High Performance Computing (HPC) and help expand the accessibility of HPC to enterprises of all sizes.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]