McAfee tips to ensure online security during Christmas

Online security software vendor McAfee announced tips to protect you from security breaches during the holiday season including Christmas.

Review Apps

McAfee says used need to review mobile apps carefully before downloading. Check the comments section and confirm the app’s legitimacy directly with the parties that the software claims are involved.

Users need to double-check that the download button is legitimate when attempting to install new apps on your phone.

Use antivirus software and learn more about FakeInstaller.

If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. Purchase directly from the official retailer rather than from third parties online.

Online users need to verify low prices on this season’s biggest sellers.


Please check gift cards that you receive for suspicious misspellings in the sender’s name or the name of the card company itself. Double-check IP addresses on the sites you use for shopping and look at customer reviews to verify an e-tailer’s legitimacy.

You can also always check the domain name on shipping notification alerts and be cautious of any that you receive when you have not sent a package or requested them.

Please download or buy games from reputable websites.

You need to check in with retailers about the legitimacy of a deal you see advertised and talk to your children about how to spot and avoid online potential scams.

Banking and credit card companies should never ask you for personal information via text message. If you receive such a message, contact your bank directly via phone, secure website, or in-person.

Before traveling, make sure that all of your software is up-to-date and run a virus scan. If you’re asked for a username and password after clicking a link, try using a fake input on the first login attempt. The extra few seconds it takes to load confirms that the page is actually looking for valid username/password combinations; scam sites will let you right in.

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