McAfee highlights consumer leniency about mobile device security

Infotech Lead America: A global survey of 3,000 consumers by McAfee and One Poll reveals that a third of people don’t protect their mobile phone or tablet with a PIN or password. Most consumers seem largely unconcerned about keeping data on their mobile devices safe.Only one in five respondents has backed up the data on their phone and tablet in case it’s stolen. More than one in ten (15 percent) save password information on their phone, risking misuse of personal information such as bank details and online store logins.

Smartphones and tablet devices have become increasingly attractive to cybercriminals as mobile device users are careless about the security of their device and remain unaware of potential breaches to their privacy.

A majority of consumers in the UK and Germany continue using the default PIN of the device. French and American respondents are more likely to opt for their lucky number. More than one in ten use the same PIN across multiple devices and accounts.

Over half (55 percent) of all respondents admitted to sharing their mobile device password or PIN with others and 61 percent have shared the PIN of their tablets.

(source: gomonews)

Almost half of respondents allow their children access to their mobile or tablet and one in six admit to sharing their PIN or password with their child. 10 percent are even happy to share their password to iTunes or other app purchasing sites so that their kids could buy apps.

McAfee Mobile Security offers protection against mobile device loss, viruses, and web threats to ensure that personal and sensitive information remains private. It enables the user to lock, track and remotely wipe data if required, and makes it easy to backup and restore personal information.

McAfee Mobile Security also provides protection against spyware, phishing, bad apps and spam.

McAfee adds new features to mobile security offerings

In December last year McAfee added new features to its mobile security offerings. The enhanced version of McAfee Mobile Security featured App Lock, a new app privacy technology, as well as a refreshed user interface.

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