Kapersky Labs and Ferrari sign strategic partnership agreement

Infotech Lead India: Kaspersky Lab, an official sponsor of Scuderia Ferrari, has been chosen by Ferrari to provide IT security. Both parties signed a 5 year commercial agreement this month.

Kaspersky Lab’s association with Ferrari goes back to 2010.Each passing year has seen their partnership grow. Ferrari’s F1 cars have featured Kaspersky Lab’s branding for three consecutive seasons.

The agreement signed this month takes the partnership to a new level as Ferrari is now a customer of Kaspersky Lab, receiving total endpoint IT security from the protection specialists.

Kaspersky Lab worked in co-ordination with the Ferrari ICT department to tailor an endpoint solution that meets Ferrari’s specific needs. The solution was subjected to six months of rigorous compliance testing and benchmarking against other IT Security providers.

Kaspersky endpoint solution will be installed on around 4,000 computers. A further installation will be rolled out over the next year to further additional devices to cover Ferrari’s entire application landscape. The Kaspersky Lab solution will be installed on office computers, computers controlling production lines, employees’ tablets and smartphones.

Ferrari chose the solution from Kaspersky as it fast to react to immediate threats, provide solutions to them and come up with new and original approaches to the security paradigm in general.

Ferrari has imposed stringent IT security requirements to protect its production processes and ensure the safety of its drivers during races.

In January 2013 Kaspersky launched its flagship B2B solution, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business which provides defense against advanced malware an cybercrime. It offers levels of efficiency and seamless manageability to protect business-critical data.

The co-branded Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition features a Ferrari-style user interface and the Ferrari Virtual Academy video simulator game to align Kaspersky Lab’s anti-malwaretechnologies with the world-famous image of Scuderia Ferrari.

Dave Eggers, CFO of Kaspersky Labs revealed that the Kaspersky team is targeting $1 billion in total sales bookings by the end of 2014. The Kaspersky team aims to achieve this goal by getting its sales and marketing teams across the channel to collaborate to develop brand recognition and loyalty.

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