Johnson Controls safeguards stadiums for FIFA World Cup 2014

Multi-industrial company Johnson Controls has created safer and efficient and tech-friendly stadiums that help organizers have complete control on every match played at FIFA World Cup 2014.

In a statement, Jhonson Controls (JC) said that the company has designed, installed and integrated dozens of systems, including surveillance camera, fire alarms, access control, telecommunications, sound and building management controls.


The security and fire systems activate surveillance cameras, crowd notifications, airflow shut-down and gate access if an emergency situation occurs. These systems also work together to improve fans’ experience. The sound and telecommunications systems at Estadio Mineirão are connected to a new 100-square meter LED screen to help fans see and hear the action on the field.

JC installed and integrated building systems inside three stadiums, including Arena de São Paulo, , where the opening match between Brazil and Croatia will be played on June 12. The company also improved safety and efficiency at stadio Mineirão in Belo Horizonte and Arena Amazonia in Manaus where top ranked teams Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay and Belgium will compete.

“The stadiums’ technologies are designed to communicate with each other to create a great venue for the event. The results will ensure comfortable and safer environments for players and fans,” said Claude Allain, vice president, Johnson Controls.

Johnson Controls joined individual systems into a single networking solution. This single solution helps stadium owners save critical resources by eliminating the need to manage multiple, duplicate or discrete systems under various vendors, contracts and proprietary protocols in the constantly-evolving technology marketplace.

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