Huawei unveils new FireHunter Sandbox and APT solution

Enterprise networking vendor Huawei has introduced its new FireHunter Sandbox and Anti-advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Solution at RSA Conference 2015.

Huawei says the solution can detect and report up to 99.5 percent of grey traffic in real-time via local and cloud techniques such as reputation scanning, real-time behavior analysis, and big data correlation.

The Chinese ICT vendor will be targeting large enterprises such as financial institutions, government agencies, and energy companies.

Liu Lizhu, general manager of the Security Gateway, Switch and Enterprise Communications Product Line, Huawei, said. “With an ability to identify more than 20 file types and 6,000 common protocols, the FireHunter Sandbox Solution can simulate operating systems (OS), office automation (OA) systems, and browser environments to detect illegitimate traffic.”

Huawei claims that the latest security solution can reveal the various attack behaviors of software through static inspection and dynamic and virtualized execution to prevent unknown threats and APT attacks, which often use advanced evasion techniques (AET).

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Huawei’s FireHunter Sandbox uses a three-layer inspection system. Reputation matching detects up to 80 percent of common threats using the daily-updated IP, Command & Control (C&C), file, and web reputation databases.

Heuristic inspection performs fine-grained analysis of code and calls of application programming interfaces (APIs). Virtualized execution executes files in virtualized Windows, browser, Acrobat Reader, or Microsoft Office environments to reveal malicious behaviors and zero-day attacks.

At the RSA event, Huawei showcased its latest cloud-pipe-device security solution that integrates cloud data center, campus network, bring your own device (BYOD), and long term evolution (LTE) security solutions and the first-ever Internet of Things (IoT) endpoint security solution to build a security system for customers.

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