FortiGate 5144C firewall with 1 Tbps throughput launched

Global network security vendor Fortinet today announced the launch of FortiGate 5144C firewall – that exceeds 1 Tbps throughput performance and offers 10GbE, 40GbE and 100GbE connectivity options.

FortiGate 5144C will be positioned as the ideal security solution for carriers, service providers and large enterprises.

The new FortiGate 5000 Series – complete with the new 5144C Chassis, 5903C Controller and 5001D security blades are available this quarter.

The FortiController-5913C will be available in Q4 2014.

“Major market drivers, such as big data, cloud-based services and the explosion of Software as a Service translates to data centers needing exceptionally fast and secure security platforms to protect their applications and data,” said Ken Xie, founder and CEO of Fortinet.

The new 5000 Series is comprised of a new chassis – the FortiGate 5144C, controller networking blades (5903C/5913C) and security blades (5001D) that utilize the latest NP6 network processor to deliver 40 Gbps firewall throughput per ASIC.

By running fourteen 5001D security blades concurrently, today’s 5000 Series delivers more than 1 Tbps firewall throughput.

Chris Rodriguez, senior industry analyst, network security at Frost & Sullivan, said: “By delivering firewall performance at the one terabit per second threshold, Fortinet helps ensure new services can be added into the future and delivered without sacrificing security or performance.”

The new 5001D security blades provide the core security capabilities to the new 5000 Series. These represent the 5th generation process boards that can process 80 Gbps throughput. Each 5001D blade embeds two FortiASIC NP6 processors.