FireEye Threat Intelligence Engine launched

FireEye Threat Intelligence Engine
Cyber security solutions vendor FireEye announced the FireEye Threat Intelligence Engine, its threat intelligence capability.

The FireEye Threat Intelligence Engine optimizes the intelligence production cycle by capturing, processing, analyzing and delivering intelligence to FireEye customers and analysts.

FireEye announced the Forward Deployed Analyst service that provides an on-site expert dedicated to infusing FireEye threat intelligence within the customer’s environment.

“We have invested in, and further aligned our technology, people, and threat data to form the FireEye Threat Intelligence Engine. FireEye offers alert context and intelligence about attacker campaigns, tools, idiosyncrasies, motivations, and much more,” said Kevin Mandia, president at FireEye.

FireEye also announced a new Forward Deployed Analyst service, providing access to the FireEye Threat Intelligence Engine through in-house analysts.

Enterprises Strategy Group found that 32 percent of organizations blocked legitimate network traffic as a result of problems with threat intelligence collection and analysis, and 31 percent report problems with threat intelligence integration and workflow.

Meanwhile, FireEye released FireEye HX Endpoint 3.0 product extending FireEye Threat Intelligence to the endpoint and adds enterprise search capabilities. Version 3.0 will be available in November 2015.

TBR predicts that endpoint security segment will grow at an estimated 23.2 percent CAGR from 2014 to 2019.
With FireEye HX, visibility into endpoints, integrated threat intelligence and exploit detection gives security teams tools necessary to create a proactive defense against threats.

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