Dell’s unified security and management solution set for privileged account management

Infotech Lead America: Dell announced the release of Quest One Privileged Access Suite for Unix, which combines Active Directory bridge and root delegation technologies to tackle poorly managed privileged accounts with a single, intuitive interface.Dell’s new offering will help IT to protect their organizations from the inside out by driving connected security across the organization.Corporate data breaches have become a concern in organizations around the world. Hackers are initiating targeted, purposeful attacks on company infrastructure. Disgruntled employees increasingly misuse their privileged access to steal sensitive company data and customer information.Unix systems have the potential for catastrophic security lapses. Organizations often have many Unix and Linux servers, each functioning independently and requiring its own management of the shared root account.

Quest One Privileged Access Suite is designed to resolve the management and security shortcomings inherent Unix by bundling  three privileged account management solutions under a unified console. It consolidates identities across the entire environment, assigning individual accountability and enabling centralized reporting for Unix access.

Dell’s AD bridge solution, Authentication Services, extends the security and compliance of Active Directory to Unix, Linux, Mac and many other enterprise applications. It integrates well with Quest One Privilege Manager for Unix and Quest One Privilege Manager for Sudo.


Quest One Privilege Manager for Sudo makes privileged account management better by using sudo. It eliminates inefficient and inconsistent box-by-box management.

Quest One Privilege Manager for Unix provides fine-grained, policy-based control to protect the full power of root access from potential misuse or abuse. It defines and enforces security policies and stipulates who has access to which root function, as well as when and where individuals can perform those functions.

Quest One Privileged Access Suite for Unix provides IT a modular and integrated privileged account management solution with a unified single source of the truth for access across the entire Unix/Linux environment, using sudo or advanced delegation capabilities best suited to the organization’s needs.

Quest One Privileged Access Suite for Unix is currently available immediately, North American pricing starting at $524USD per server.

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