Dell SecureWorks upgrades vulnerability monitoring and prioritization service

Dell SecureWorks today announced the launch of the upgraded version of Vulnerability Monitoring and Prioritization service to reduce risks in network environments.

The company will add support for more than 20 connectors for a variety of vulnerability scanners and assessment tools for network systems, software and applications.

Dell SecureWorks will give its MSSP clients the ability to import and match vulnerability scan results within the Counter Threat Platform Portal. Vulnerabilities found can be used for subsequent escalation or de-escalation of security events.

Dell secure works booth

Mark Wood, director of Product Management, Dell SecureWorks, said that Risk I/O sources real-time attack and exploit data from a growing list of external threat feeds. It matches those known risks against an organization’s own vulnerability scans to gauge the likelihood of a security breach.

Main benefits include Threat Processing, Risk Meters Dashboards, Remediation Lists, Faceted Search and Asset Prioritization, said Dell.

“Dell SecureWorks can now give customers unprecedented insight into where, when and how their company is most likely to experience a breach so they know where to best spend their time and resources,” said Ed Bellis, Risk I/O Co-founder.

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