CSC adds advanced threat detection solution to managed security service

CSC on Monday said it is expanding its managed security to include an advanced threat detection (ATD) solution.

The ATD service addresses non-signature-based, zero-day malware that evades traditional cybersecurity controls, said CSC in a statement.

As the sophistication of attacks on businesses and governments increases, many of the traditional tools available, such as anti-malware, intrusion detection systems and firewalls, are failing to combat these attacks effectively.

In an environment of constrained budgets, limited skilled resources, tightening regulatory mandates and escalating threats, ATD allows organizations to centralize the management of these advanced threats and focus their cybersecurity investments.


CSC’s ATD service utilizes Trend Micro’s malware detection and analysis software tools to provide in-depth contextual analysis and rapid adaptive responses. CSC provides clients with real-time visibility, analysis and reporting to gain the insight and control necessary to protect their organizations from advanced threats.

The company said the ATD service provides security protection at points of intersection between multiple organizations. While large global organizations require IT links to suppliers, partners and customers, intruders exploit the weakest links in these global chains to gain access and do harm. By identifying threats before they impact organizations, the ATD service reduces the threats across interlinked corporate entities.

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