Why Oracle SPARC M7 is better than IBM Power systems

Oracle CTO Larry Ellison delivering his keynote address at Oracle OpenWorld 2015
Enterprise IT vendor Oracle announced SPARC systems built on the 32-core, 256-thread SPARC M7 microprocessor – for big data, and cloud applications – beating IBM Power systems.

Oracle made the announcement today at Oracle Open World 2015.

The new SPARC M7 processor-based systems, including the Oracle SuperCluster M7 engineered system and SPARC T7 and M7 servers, are designed to integrate with existing infrastructure and include integrated virtualization and management for cloud.

Main features of Oracle SuperCluster M7
# Up to 512 CPU cores and 8 TB of memory per rack for database and application processing
# Up to 11 Oracle Exadata Storage Servers per rack
# Integrated ZFS application storage including 160 TB of storage capacity
# Up to 140 TB of flash storage per rack
# 40 Gb/sec (QDR) InfiniBand Network
# Hybrid Columnar Compression, delivering 10x to 15x compression ratios
# Built-in, near zero-overhead virtualization using Oracle VM Server for SPARC and Oracle Solaris Zones

Silicon Secured Memory adds real-time checking of access to data in memory to protect against malicious intrusion and flawed program code in production for security and reliability. Oracle Database 12c utilizes Silicon Secured Memory protection by default and is simple and easy to turn on for existing applications.

Encryption built into all 32 cores enables use without performance penalty – giving customers the ability to secure runtime and data for all applications.

Offloading functions including memory de-compression, memory scan, range scan, filtering, and join assist increases the efficiency of each CPU core, lowers memory utilization, and enables up to 10x better database query performance.

Oracle’s new SPARC M7-based systems deliver record results in over 20 benchmarks. The new SPARC M7-based systems achieve incredible performance compared to the competition for big data and cloud workloads.

The new SPARC M7 processor scales from 32 to 512 cores, 256 to 4,096 threads and up to 8 TB of memory. Oracle’s SPARC M7 chip is a 4.1 GHz 32-core/256-thread processor addressing the most demanding workloads.

Two SPARC T7-1 servers, fully encrypted, are faster than the second best result from a pair of four-processor IBM Power systems.

Oracle’s SPARC M7 TeraSort benchmark results prove superiority over IBM for running Hadoop, while also utilizing SPARC M7 encryption acceleration with negligible performance impact.

One SPARC T7-4 with 128 cores using an AES-256-GCM encrypted file system is 3.8x faster than an unsecure 8-node IBM S822L Power8 cluster with 192 cores.

Baburajan K
[email protected]