Seagate Backup Plus Slim launched

Storage vendor Seagate Technology has launched Seagate Backup Plus Slim, the second generation of its sleek external storage.

Seagate Backup Plus Slim, which features compact design and superspeed USB 3.0 interface, is suistable to aggregate and back up valued photos, videos and other files despite being spread across numerous devices, social networks and personal computers.

The storage vendor said the new offering includes the backup software, Seagate Dashboard that provides an easy one-click backup solution. In addition, the Dashboard software will back up Facebook and Flickr albums to ensure that even video and photos shared through these networks are backed up and easy to find.

Backup Plus Slim

Moreover, its Use the Save and Share features to download and upload content from these social media networks. Even all the photos you have been tagged in can be backed up from your social networks to the drive.

Mobile backup application to provide protection for digital data on nearly every device is a new value addition. By installing the free Seagate Mobile Backup app on an iOS or Android mobile device, one can back up all of the pictures and videos from that device to the drive or a cloud service.

While on a home network, content from mobile devices can be sent directly to the drive via a Wi-Fi connection. Cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive can be used for backup while on the road.

Seagate Backup Plus storage is currently available from Amazon and by capacity: for Backup Plus Slim portable: 500GB Slim – $99.99, 1TB Slim – $119.99 MSRP, 2TB Slim – $179.99 and the 4TB Fast – $299.99.

The high-capacity Seagate Backup Plus desktop 3.5-inch is available in 2TB – $129.99, 3TB – $159.99, 4TB – $229.99.

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