Samsung acquires Proximal Data to expand SSD business

Semiconductor supplier Samsung Electronics has acquired Proximal Data, a provider of server-side caching software with I/O intelligence that work within virtualized systems.

The acquisition of San Diego, California-based Proximal Data will enable Samsung to expand its SSD business in the server and data center markets. The strategy of Samsung is to offer advanced SSD solutions to enterprise customers by enhancing its competence in SSD-based software for server systems.

Samsung, which did not disclose the financial details of the deal, is in the process expanding its SSD business in conjunction with the use of 3D Vertical NAND memory technology.

Samsung SSD

Rory Bolt, CEO and founder of Proximal Data, said: “The acquisition will be an opportunity to enhance our AutoCache, as well as to create revolutionary new products in enterprise storage.”

Caching software improves storage performance by controlling and storing frequently used data more efficiently. Proximal Data holds core technology in the caching software area and has been marketing AutoCache software, a virtual cache storage solution that dramatically increases virtual machine density and performance by eliminating I/O bottlenecks, without disrupting IT operations.

In 2012, Samsung acquired NVELO, a US-based SSD caching software creator. Samsung has applied NVELO’s advanced caching software to its branded SSDs since 2013 to offer up-to-date performance and greater convenience to users.

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