Rackspace boosts International Military Antiques’ ecommerce


Rackspace announced that International Military Antiques (IMA), the world’s leading retailer of pre-1945 military collectibles and antiques, is leveraging Rackspace Managed Cloud to power its Magento ecommerce environment.

With the flexibility of Magento, Rackspace Digital practice area expertise and Fanatical Support, IMA achieves a responsive ecommerce site optimized to scale for traffic spikes associated with the holiday season and television appearances.

Founded in 1981, IMA possesses thousands of military antique items spanning 500 years of world history and has supplied extremely rare original military pieces, including weapons, muskets and swords from the Revolutionary War and uniforms from WWII, to some of the world’s most prominent museums and major Hollywood productions.

The company operated strictly as a mail-order business until 2004, when it created its first ecommerce website.

As its online presence took off, IMA increasingly experienced growing pains with scalability and integration of other ecommerce tools.

In 2010, IMA turned to Rackspace to power its cloud Magento ecommerce site with optimal performance and flexibility.

“Magento is the perfect platform for our business model, but with zero technical staff and 99 percent of sales done through online sales marketplaces, we don’t have time to manage everything in-house,” said Alex Cranmer, VP of International Military Antiques.

“Our team at Rackspace goes above and beyond to help us drive innovation within our site as we grow and stand up to high traffic events like Halloween and Black Friday.”

Arya MM

[email protected]