Net Optics launches iTap 2 to streamline and optimize network performance

Infotech Lead America: Net Optics, a provider of intelligent network access and monitoring architecture, announced the introduction of the iTap 2 Platform which streamlines and optimizes performance while adding smart functions for improved cost-efficiency, security and problem detection.

iTap 2 Platform is an advanced solution suite for network visibility and control that offers advanced security features, greater Enterprise grade control and lower TCO across a spectrum of Net Optics products.

The iTap 2 Platform encompasses intelligent network Taps, such as port aggregators and bypass switches, equipped with ProPush statistics technology that proactively sends data to instrumentation layer tools every second to increase visibility and reduce troubleshooting time.

Customers can use this granular information to identify and address developing trends before business is affected, respond quickly to arising issues, and maintain the integrity, availability and performance of their networks. Customers can use Indigo Pro, Net Optics’ centralized management system, to manage and configure all products in the iTap 2 product family.

“The flood of new devices and applications is creating explosive growth in traffic,” said Daniel Aharon, senior director, Product Management. “This poses serious challenges to IT departments tasked with safeguarding and managing the network in a cost-efficient manner. We’re excited to offer this new platform to help IT teams deal successfully with network threats and pressures, keeping our customers’ networks available and safe.”

The new iTap 2 Platform supports SNMPv3, SSH and HTTPS access, audit logs for tracking configuration changes, and finer access control which fortifies security even further and offers greater Enterprise control. Other enhancements include IPv6 support and a new web-based interface for greater ease of use.

The first iTap 2 solution being released is the iTap 2 Gigabit Port Aggregator. Additional iTap 2 solutions are planned for release in the upcoming months.

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