NEC prices M-Series SAN storage at $17,120 for 20 TB system

Enterprise networking vendor NEC Corporation of America has priced its M-Series SAN storage at $17,120 for 20 TB system that supports consolidated and virtualized environments.

NEC Mx10-Series SAN storage — including M310 and M510 — offers scalability and performance for low-end to mid-tier and emerging enterprise businesses.

The Mx10 family delivers up to 4 times performance than the previous generation M-Series SAN storage.

The M710 provides more than 3 PB of capacity and significant performance resources for mid- to high-end enterprise and cloud computing environments.

NEC Mx10-Series SAN storage

Internal NEC tests using the SPC Benchmark 1 (SPC-1) with FC delivered 100,000 IOPS on the M310 system compared to 25,000 IOPS on the M300. NEC achieved the performance increase by accelerating the back-end disk interface from 6 Gbps to 12 Gbps; supporting front-end 16 Gbps FC; and upgrading to newer Intel Xeon control processors.

NEC said the M-Series storage offers substantial improvements in mid-range scalability. The mid-range M310 scales to 480 drives – an increase of more than 300 percent in the total number of disk drives that are supported; and expands the maximum capacity of the M310 by 2.5 times to more than 758 TB per system in a RAID 5 configuration.

The new M-Series systems have an increased hybrid storage capability by providing 1.6 TB flash drives to exploit flash-related capabilities, such as data tiering and cache management for larger data environments.

“The new M-Series storage solutions help our customers achieve greater performance and cost-effectiveness in their cloud and consolidated environments,” said Gideon Senderov, director advanced storage, NEC Corporation of America.

NEC added enhanced software capabilities that simplify the management of cloud and consolidated environments. The new VMware vCenter Operations software tool provides simplified performance management through a single window.

The I/O Flow Control software enhances the Mx10-Series Quality of Service capabilities by ensuring priority applications get stabilized service at the logical disk level. NEC protects the Logical disk group throughput by assigning upper and lower limits.

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