Juniper acquires WANDL to strengthen networks optimization

Networking vendor Juniper Networks is set to buy WANDL, a software solution provider for optimization of multi-layer networks, for $60 million.

In a statement, Juniper Networks said the acquisition will enable the company to gain technology and experience in traffic engineering, multi-layer optimization and path computation. Juniper Networks’ telecom service provider customers will be able to optimize the performance and cost of their networks.

WANDL diverse portfolio includes solutions for advanced network analysis, simulation, optimization, capacity planning and management that provide improved network performance, reduced network costs, increased productivity and highly accurate demand forecasting.

The WANDL team will continue to be headquartered in New Jersey, joining forces with Juniper NetworksOpenLab, The Junos Center for Innovation, to further accelerate new network-integrated applications for our connected society.

Juniper Networks

Daniel Hua, senior vice president and general manager, Routing Business Unit, Juniper Networks, said that its service provider customers will benefit from WANDL’s capabilities to design and manage networks cost efficiently as continue to focus on finding ways to address the proliferation of mobile, video, cloud computing and other data-intensive services.

WANDL has deployed its solutions in over 200 service providers, carriers, government organizations and enterprises around the world.

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