IBM powers OVH on-demand cloud services

IBM on Friday revealed that it has supported Internet hosting provider OVH to launch an on-demand cloud service.

OVH, which serves 700,000 customers with 180,000 hosted environments in 17 data centers, utilized IBM’s POWER8 processor for releasing RunAbove, the latest version of its cloud service. PowerKVM virtualization and the Fedora Linux open source operating system and OpenStack Infrastructure-as-a-Service software are also supporting OVH.

RunAbove is OVH’s on-demand public cloud services offered at an hourly rate. IBM said RunAbove service is designed to allow developers access to high performance hardware for their Big Data and analytics workloads in a public, scalable cloud environment.

Maxime Hurtrel, RunAbove marketing manager, OVH, said: “By providing our customers with a public cloud powered by IBM Power Systems, we are able to offer a service that is designed to handle all types of data workloads while scaling to meet changing needs and development cycles.”

OVH has developed two cloud offerings that deliver advanced technology with IBM Power Systems. The S offering is based on shared virtual servers hosted on a single POWER8 system. The set up is ideal for developers who want to test the characteristics of the POWER8 architecture to fit their applications.

While 2XL service, which offers one virtual server per physical host, provides customers dedicated access to the power of the IBM POWER8 architecture and is suited for workloads that require compute-intensive resources.

POWER8 is currently offered within OVH’s RunAbove Labs, an online portal where customers can test the latest functionalities of the newest public cloud service at no cost, as well as future RunAbove products. This new resource strengthens the collaboration between IBM and OVH and complements the RunAbove portfolio.

Baburajan K
[email protected]