Fab India picks Tyrone’s Infiniband based solutions to speed online transactions

Tyrone Systems, a provider of storage and computing solutions for enterprise data center and high performance computing environments, announced it has been selected by Fab India to adopt a unified storage solution.

Fab India, a leading apparel retailer in India, found its automated IT infrastructure is unable to cope up with the ever increasing transactional demands from both front end and back end users.  Expanding product lines and ever growing number of retail outlets only compounded the issue every day.

Fab India decided to adopt a unified storage solution that would not only connect all their retail outlets but also speed up real-time transactions on their central Database.


“To speed up T/O we decided to adopt SSD’s in our storage servers but quickly faced the difficulty of delivering the high I/O SSD throughput to the main servers as the overall throughput is limited by the throughput of the interconnect being used,” said Raja Ghosh, head – IT Systems,Fab India.

”We realized we needed a storage solution that could not only ramp up transaction speeds but could also be scaled up to meet our future network,application and storage needs,” Ghosh added.

Tyrone Systems’ unified storage solution was built around its Opslag FS2 unified storage architecture that supports variety of protocols and interconnect options essential for high I/O application environments.

The Tyrone Opslag FS2 system implemented by Fab India consists of 8 Blade Servers running on MS Windows Server and a MS SQL database server, 72 bays with InfiniBand ports, 64 bays with SSDs configured on RAID 5 used for online transactions and SAS drives used for volume backups.

The Opslag FS2 unified storage platform helped virtualize Fab India’s file and block data and drive high I/O per sec on retail transactions cost efficiently. It helped retail transactions running on Fab India’s database servers become faster.

Each Fab store irrespective of their location across India is lodging sales data automatically and in real-time rather than on a day-end basis as before, the retailer said.

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