Dell shares 50 city list for utilizing technology

Smart city DubaiEnterprise networking vendor Dell has shared the list of 50 cities around the world for utilizing technology.

Dell Future-Ready Economies Model scores large, high-growth global metropolitan areas based on attributes that enable people and organizations to access new tools and new ideas that deliver better connectivity, better economic performance.

Dell ranked the cities based on the following:

Human capital: A Future-Ready Economy has people equipped with the right skills to drive meaningful social and economic change.

Infrastructure: A Future-Ready Economy has the infrastructure necessary to support the people, businesses, and technology that enable progress over time.

Commerce: A Future-Ready Economy provides sustained opportunities for businesses to accelerate innovation, growth and profitability.

“Backed by insights from experts in the public sector, technology firms, the start-up community and higher education, we developed a methodology to evaluate the degree to which city economies are Future Ready. These ratings will enable cities to take actions that will position them to capitalize on opportunities for the future,” said James Diffley, senior director, IHS Economics.

The Future-Ready Ranking of 50 Global Economies:
1.San Jose, Calif.18.Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.35.Los Angeles, Calif.
2.San Francisco, Calif.19.Houston, Texas36.Pittsburgh, Pa.
3.Singapore20.Atlanta, Ga.37.Columbus, Ohio
4.London21.Charlotte, N.C.38.Indianapolis, Ind.
5.Washington, DC22.Chicago, Ill.39.Milan
6.Boston, Mass.23.Munich40.Sao Paulo
7.Austin, Texas24.Beijing41.Buenos Aires
8.Raleigh, N.C.25.Hong Kong42.San Antonio, Texas
9.Stockholm26.Paris43.Orlando, Fla.
12.Seoul-Incheon29.Louisville, Ky.46.Istanbul
13.Seattle, Wash.30.Salt Lake City, Utah47.Jakarta
14.Denver, Colo.31.Guangzhou48.Tianjin
15.Portland, Ore.32.Tokyo49.Shenzhen
16.Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas33.Moscow50.Mexico City
17.New York, N.Y.34.Des Moines, Iowa