Cisco Ethernet switch revenue dips 7% in Q1 2014, Juniper and Arista gain

Cisco Ethernet switch revenue decreased 7 percent in Q1 2014, while Juniper and Arista gained 52 percent and 90 percent, respectively.

Ethernet switch revenue of HP was flat in the first quarter, reflecting the global market growth, said Infonetics Research.

The size of the worldwide Ethernet switch market revenue decreased 15 percent to $4.8 billion Q1 2014 from Q4 2013 and flat from a year ago.

Ethernet switch revenue market in Q1 2014

The market size web-managed switches increased in double digits sequentially and from the year-ago in Q1 2014.

The report noted that the action is in high-bandwidth port shipments: 10G Ethernet ports increased 37 percent on a year-over-year basis in Q1 2014, 40G ports have tripled, and 100G ports rose more than thirty-fold.

Infonetics Research said China drove year-over-year Ethernet switching growth in Q1 2014; meanwhile, North America and EMEA stalled, though Infonetics expects this to be a temporary setback.