Cisco adds cloud managed 802.11ac access point Meraki MR34

Cisco on Tuesday introduced Meraki MR34, a cloud managed 802.11ac access point.

The new access point is aimed at helping organizations meet infrastructure demands while managing complex networks.

The solution marries the latest Wi-Fi standard with innovations in security and management, Cisco said on Tuesday.

Businesses will benefit as the new solution is designed to support more users on the network, provide secure access, increase wireless speeds, and easily manage their wireless networking from the cloud.

The 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard offers up to 1.3 Gbps of wireless connection speed, nearly three times the capacity of the previous 802.11n standard.

The speed of 802.11ac enables a student to download a 4 Gigabit HD movie from iTunes onto a smartphone in 2 minutes.

Fans can download the entire seasons one and two of Game of Thrones from iTunes in 8 minutes, 34 seconds.

The entire printed United States Library of Congress (10 Terabytes) can be downloaded in 12 days. On 3G, this same task would take seven years.

Milpitas Unified School District is using using 802.11ac.

The Milpitas Unified School District relies on Cisco’s cloud managed network, including wireless, switching and security, to support its more than 2,000 Google Chromebooks over its wireless network — with another 8,000 to be issued to the students this fall.

The Milpitas Unified School District plans to implement Cisco Meraki’s 802.11ac solution in its Technology Learning Centers to provide students with increased capacity and access to web-based learning, including personalized education in math, reading, spelling and much more.

Chin Song, director of technology, Milpitas Unified School District, said the school is working with Cisco to deploy wireless across Technology Learning Centers.

The price of Cisco Meraki MR34 802.11ac cloud-managed wireless access point will be $1399.

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