Boingo announces new Wi-Fi deal with Forest City Ratner Companies

Boingo Wireless announced a new Wi-Fi deal with Forest City Ratner Companies (FCRC).

The Wi-Fi deal is to provide free-to-shopper Wi-Fi at FCRC’s shopping center in Brooklyn, the Atlantic Terminal Mall, which serves more than 40 million shoppers and commuters annually.

Boingo will manage and operate a centralized Wi-Fi network that provides consumers reliable Wi-Fi on their smartphones, tablets and laptops. Boingo Wi-Fi will be offered as a customer amenity, and will be available in fall 2013.

“Boingo is an ideal fit for the Atlantic Terminal Mall, which includes not only some of the region’s best performing retailers, but which also sits at Brooklyn’s key hub for subway, Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) and bus service,” said Kathryn Welch, executive vice president of Retail for FCRC.


“At launch, our network will allow consumers to connect and engage in their favorite online activities without exhausting their capped data plans, and will be optimized for future carrier offload,” said Doug Lodder, vice president of business development for Boingo Wireless.

Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal shopping center is among the most highly trafficked malls in the nation and sits atop the third-largest mass transportation hub in New York City, which welcomes more than 40 million New York City Subway and Long Island Rail Road passengers each year.

In addition to FCRC in New York, Boingo has partnerships with six other top shopping center operators in the nation, including Westfield, Caruso Affiliated, Glimcher Realty Trust, Cafaro and Urban Retail, with agreements to provide wireless services for more than 40 locations serving more than 300 million consumers annually.

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